So last time, I mentioned how we are going to be remodeling and moving into a house. Work began last week (and btw, that roof replacement I brought up? Yeah, that was actually ceiling tile replacement in one room.) While I worked on removing outlet covers and switch plates to prep for the painter to come this weekend, J worked on ripping out part of the kitchen cabinet in order to replace a pipe under the sink. That's when he discovered this:

Yes, that is mold. A moldy, rotten area of drywall, to be more specific. So not only do the pipes need to be replaced, but the drywall and part of the floor as well. In order to do all that, more of the cabinet had to be ripped out and our counter top had to be removed as well. Luckily, thanks to J's uncle, what we thought would be a huge crisis turned into more of a minor setback. Plus, we get a new counter top out of it.

I will get to resume my menial tasks this weekend while J works on the more complicated stuff. Next up? Removing wallpaper. I will try to contain my enthusiasm for what is (according to the inter-webs) a horrible job.


Project remodel is about to begin!

I'm back with some exciting news and a new direction for the blog. The bf and I are moving into a house! This is extremely appealing for a number of reasons. First of all, I haven't lived in a house since I left for college. I've spent pretty much my entire adult life in apartments or duplexes. Second, there will be 2 bathrooms in the house. In our place now, there are 3 people and only 1 bathroom. This is troubling in any case, but even more so with one of those people being a teenager. Plus, all women need an extra bathroom, right ladies? Third, and perhaps the most exciting reason, we will be renting the house from a relative, so it will be like owning a house without having a mortgage or being responsible for any catastrophic repairs. It's the best of all possible worlds.

This house was lived in for quite a while, and from all appearances, it was not very well cared for. Which means there is a lot of work that needs to be done. A LOT. Luckily, our landlord is taking care of the major issues and we are handling everything else. We aren't making any structural changes or anything, but otherwise, it's a complete remodel. Flooring replacement/refinishing, painting, fixtures, appliances, yard...the works.We have a long road ahead of us, but I think the end result will be AMAZING! The bf, of course, is freaking out, but I'm just excited to get started (it probably helps that I'm not focusing on the financial aspect of this project--if I did, I would just have to lay down for a while).

There are a few major things that have to happen before we can get started (like the roof replacement that is beginning today), so I'm not sure exactly when we will be moving in. But I hope to share the process with you, dear reader. Surely it will be much more entertaining to read than my usual drivel.