So last time, I mentioned how we are going to be remodeling and moving into a house. Work began last week (and btw, that roof replacement I brought up? Yeah, that was actually ceiling tile replacement in one room.) While I worked on removing outlet covers and switch plates to prep for the painter to come this weekend, J worked on ripping out part of the kitchen cabinet in order to replace a pipe under the sink. That's when he discovered this:

Yes, that is mold. A moldy, rotten area of drywall, to be more specific. So not only do the pipes need to be replaced, but the drywall and part of the floor as well. In order to do all that, more of the cabinet had to be ripped out and our counter top had to be removed as well. Luckily, thanks to J's uncle, what we thought would be a huge crisis turned into more of a minor setback. Plus, we get a new counter top out of it.

I will get to resume my menial tasks this weekend while J works on the more complicated stuff. Next up? Removing wallpaper. I will try to contain my enthusiasm for what is (according to the inter-webs) a horrible job.

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