And...we're back!

Hey stranger! Yes, I'm FINALLY back with another post. It only took me a year, so that's on par with my usual time frame pre-2013. Wondering where I ran off to? Well, I've been here all along, just going through some crazy personal shit (as usual). In a nutshell, we called off the house remodel (and the relationship), I went to California a couple of times to send off two dear friends into wedded bliss, went on a personal "happiness" quest (yeah, yeah, I know how it sounds), rekindled the called-off relationship and am now about to move back into the DIY house. So pretty much, I'm exactly where I left you last year! Weird, huh?

The good thing about the deal with the house is that a lot of the major issues from last year- the mold, the rodent problem, and (my personal favorite) the ghastly paint job- have now been resolved. So we are now starting off fresh(er). The house still needs a lot of work, but at least we are already a few steps ahead of last time, so it's way better. And I will, of course, be blogging about how much fun it will be to remodel an old, kooky house without murdering my bf (hopefully) or losing my mind (most likely). Stay tuned, dear reader!!

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